01 January 2014

a little bit rusty...

oh boy!
here it is, another year taking shape and with that, new goals, ideas and more. I am planning on an adventure in the form of a 52 week photo project. I've been inspired by miss James over at bleubird vintage to take a photo each week of each of my 3 (!) children and what better way or place to make that real than this blog.
and since we're on the subject of changes and new things, I'm also looking forward to learning to crochet, finishing up a few knitting projects and learning more woodworking. I hope you'll join me!

22 March 2013

what we're eating~black & white

still no photos and I'm not sure how or where they are trapped but they aren't wanting to come forward, so it's just written word again this week!
This is a general plan, not perhaps a specific day by day~I tried that last week, going more with what the actual reality of the day was than the predicted day and it worked out well~minus the awful pulled pork recipe that I tried and the chicken tenders from the grocery store, it was fine. So, here are some recipes & links we'll get to this week and hopefully keep the minions happy & well fed!

*chicken & cream cheese taquitos~these sound like a slightly healthier version of what my dad made for us growing up. It was awesome~and so little work for him! He would come home tired and hungry and we 3 left at home were the same. Dad would scour the fridge for what was "leftover"~spaghetti sauce, hamburger, probably corn flakes, knowing my dad! ~a bit of cleaning out the fridge and instead of putting into a casserole, he'd mix it together,  put it into a flour tortilla and fry it for us, pure and good. Served up with extra cheese, sour cream and even some BBQ sauce, it was everyone's favorite. Thanks, dad!

*shrimp garlic lemon bake~with penne pasta~see recipe on my pinterest board!

*melty smooth chicken breasts, cooked carrots and beets, wild rice

*elk steak~for little sister, this will be all she needs! will probably throw in some skillet pizza to make it an awesome dinner

*halibut & garlic roasted potatoes

03 March 2013

what we're eating~

Oh, gosh, I'm another week back into it and no photos!!! Egads. It really looks bland around here and yet don't you worry, I'm working busy as a bee in the background trying to get all the moving parts moving...together! Issue number one is my computer~it won't hold (and I don't think it ever has??) all the photos, music and information I need ready access to. We back it up very often, but then it's like going to the bank for your money~you have to plan in advance what to take out, get to the bank, find the media needed (hello? 20,000 photos!!) and then get out of there without anything crashing on you. Sounds more like a robbery!! So, it will be plain around here for a few more minutes.
Too bad I can't take advantage of the sticker collection around here and just paste up a few pretties on the screen!!!

For the week:
Monday: asparagus soup with pig and rice

Tuesday: paul's tacos~playlist optional 

Wednesday: frittata~see side bar

Thursday: leftover melee!

Friday: chicken enchiladas with pumpkin sauce and a fruit salad

Saturday: aromatic ham & beans  crusty bread

Have a great week and send some rain our way if you have any extra? We're trying to pull rain from the sky on Tuesday & Wednesday but the percentage it calls for falls more in the "wishful thinking" range than "actually going to help those seedlings we just planted"!!

24 February 2013

what we're eating~again, at last

So here we are in the last week of February 2013. So much has happened since my last WWE post, but I'm happy to be posting these again. They really help us all be on the same page, following the same script and the grocery money is much more effective and productive!

I'm going to give yet another shout out to the two ladies who help me the very most with this project: Heidi Swanson at www.101cookbooks.com and Chandelle at www.chicken-tender.com. Each of them does food in ways that are fresh, delightful and mostly easy for weeknights and more. Heidi gives up the recipes for the awkward combinations that are mighty delicious on the table and Chandelle does the same, with meat added. I am hugely thankful for their sharing, as they make my weekly kitchen chores much more flavorful, healthy and inspired!

Here goes~

Monday: HHHH: green lentil soup with curried brown butter

Tuesday: mama works late: papa's special hamburgers, french fries and salad with bleu cheese dressing (thanks mom and dad!)

Wednesday: tomato soup, crusty bread, avocado asparagus tartine

Thursday: big sister to Jane's?: leftovers

Friday: chile garlic shrimp tacos with avocado jicama salad

Saturday: mama works late: leftovers unless I get inspired

14 August 2012

ah, Oregon

As we have just returned from our second within 3 weeks round trip drive/stay in Oregon, I feel I must confess~
California, you will always be second in my heart

Oregon~ah, Oregon

You are free range and family
Stacked firewood for the coming days of rain and fog which are always just around the corner
Wide open fields and hills of variable grade
Dust and dry, wet and moldy
Space. Open space for breathing running playing and thinking
The place where I grew up and left my heart those many years ago
You want for animals, barns and hard work
Beauty in nature and ease in exploration
Food in abundance and seasons in which to enjoy

California~my love for you is so tenuous.
You long for me to spend my days in relaxing poses
Pedicures and conversation
Traffic and people and not much quiet in between
You do have those wondrous beaches and lovely fields
But I have to drive to find them
I do not much care for so much driving, California
I do like some sunshine
But yours~always present, coaxing me out, saying Do! Do! Do!
But it is not the things I want to do

Ah, Oregon
Save me a spot and book mark it well
I'll be coming home
Animals, children and all our dreams following us like a pied piper
I am keeping tabs on you, Oregon
Be well 

27 July 2012


little sister: Papa, what did you do at work today?

papa: I took Bodie out for a run, had a few meetings, talked to the turkeys

little sister: Why did you talk to the turkeys?

papa: Just in case. If turkeys could talk, what would you say to them?

little sister: I would tell them that I love unicorns!!!

08 July 2012

after the fair

A brief review of our week~
 :: send big sister out to the fair for the yearly coop out~cleaning up after the chickens, cleaning up after the fair and taking everyone home. Enjoying a *new* wagon from friends to replace the old wagon which came apart during the journey *to* the fair. Four wheels on the ground, connected by the wood holding it all together? A good thing indeed!

::gathering fruit, making friends and getting ready for Christmas.

::loving one last night of fireworks, visiting with neighbors and friends and then enduring the traffic noise that comes with it.

::happiness at finishing another year of the fair. It's always a good time while here, but I think not until it's over do we remember how exhausting. 

::packing up big sister and sending her off to visit another animal variation, at llama-girl-scout camp for a week.

::relaxing in the library, outside, at the park~wherever the day takes us in a brief spell of calm

::working at work, working at home, enjoying the clean house and tidy back porch that comes with it.

::gearing up to finish a few other projects around the house and outside the house~painting in, painting out, fence to build, animal housing to build, garden to tend.

 ::enjoying summer~rhubarb & rosewater syrup with sparkling water, good books to read and knitting to be done in the spare moments of these long, lovely days~and yes, sometimes those spare moments come during a traffic jam. This is California, after all!!

hope you are enjoying your summer days!

03 June 2012

yes, we're still here!

And it's good to be back. Still working on the photo end of things with a not-so-helpful computer, so bear with me. It may be a while still in black & white.

Up this week we are going to get into a meal plan~maybe for a little while yet. I read a great article in Real Simple a few months back (I looked ALL OVER for this article online to no avail~I'll check the library and get back to you!) and a woman, profiled in the magazine, lovely home, sweet little life, doesn't keep stuff around. I don't know what it was about the set up of the article & photos, but something in me clicked.

Why do I have so much stuff? More food, more things, more clothing and more toys (!) than we could ever use or need. Needless to say, in between end of school year rushing around, I've been clearing out a storm. Our little house is small and cozy but so much more spacious without extras we don't need.

In an effort to keep clearing out, I'm trying to use up the extras of food that we have on hand~get it into our bellies and off the shelf. Here goes!

*soup au pistou~
celery, carrots, chard, potatoes, tomatoes, leeks
*spring wild rice salad~
wild rice, goat cheese, lentils (in place of yellow peas)
*turkey meatballs~
pasta, frozen homemade meatballs, spaghetti sauce
*jasmine coconut rice
rice, nuts

I think that should cover us for a few days~it sure helps to have a plan, I've found. As much as I resist the idea of "meal planning" it does work! Along with all those many other things my mom told me~thanks, mom!

19 March 2012


Food for this week: Short & simple.

Monday: Frittata with shrimp & kale
Tonight big sister has an egg themed 4H meeting. This is the Poultry meeting night, but all about the eggs this evening. She was asked to bring her favorite "egg dish". Once we got home from carpool, she says "Is it okay if I bring that white dish from the refrigerator to 4H tonight? It really is my favorite."
I then explained that it was an "egg dish" to eat~she figured that out, and frittata it is ;)

Tuesday:: Chicken tenders with kale chips & brown rice

Wednesday: Masa crepes with Chard from the garden & mama made cheese

Thursday:: Paprika meatballs with smashed potatoes & pickles

 Friday:: Fishsticks and fries~with fish from Grandma & Grandpa!

Weekend:: Lively Lentil Soup with Polenta fries
It is supposed to rain this weekend, so hopefully this will keep us all warm and healthy!

19 February 2012

what we're eating~

Sorry we missed a week (or two?) here. We've all been battling the 6 week bug and although common sense would tell us/me that healthy eating when sick is of utmost importance, the things I rush to when I feel icky coming my way are...not the best foods to eat! Frozen pizza? Ice cream? Coffee?
The good news is that we're all mostly on the mend and so back to the menu making I go!

Monday:: Mama off & home alone~I'm having a frittata with bacon, chard and feta!

Tuesday:: Mama off & little sister home with me for the day~not sure if I posted this recipe before or the made for baby recipe from Martha. At any rate, this is looking like a great recipe to try in order to get the husband off the "panda food" that he then shares with little sister.
Golden Potstickers
Pea Puffs

Wednesday:: Summer is coming early~or did it ever leave? Today and tomorrow the forecast calls for temperatures in the low 70's so no soup for us.
Sesame Yogurt Pasta salad

Thursday:: Again with the summer temperatures. Mama starting a work marathon so we'll need some hearty filling rations & leftovers on hand. We'll have leftovers tonight!

Friday::Not sure if big sister comes home today or tomorrow~brought here by my parents. Hooray!! We'll have soup, no matter the weather~
Lively lentil soup
Baked polenta fries
and for Grandma, who might love these ginger cookies~

Grandma & Grandpa coming for a visit! And I'm working all weekend. What to serve? A perfect version of big sister's birthday cake is in order but beyond that I'm not sure. Dad requested Prime Rib but we may go a little more California/veggie on him. Will update next week on how all this goes~We'll start with Raspberry Mega scones and New Year Noodle soup and see where we get to!
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